NLP Consulting Business Pack
What they didn't think to teach you in Prac or Master Prac! Deal with the business of Consulting.
Written by Cindy Tonkin

You've been trained as a practitioner or master practitioner in NLP, and you have concentrated on learning the process and content of intervening with clients in a particular context.

Now you want to set up your business using NLP to create change and choices for your clients.  There's a whole new process to understand.

This pack simplifies that process, and gives you the systems you need to create a successful NLP practice.  It supports you while you get the process going.

The business system is extremely simple.  It has only 4 phases.

• Set up
• Create Client Tracking Systems
• Work with the Client
• Improve the business

Each of these phases has steps within it, and the systems in this pack help you through them.  A flowchart showing the steps in each phase introduces each section of the pack.

The first phase is to set up your practice. The steps include setting a business direction, deciding how to get clients, working out how much to charge, making sure you can receive money, and setting up systems so clients can find you.  This guide gives you all the tips and techniques to put these in place.  You will find the steps for Phase I on page 5.

Once you've done Phase I correctly, clients will call you to make appointments.  Again, there is more to this than meets the eye.  In Phase II, you create client tracking systems to make sure you get the right clients, that they actually turn up and pay on the right day, and that you know who they are when they turn up.

The third phase in the process is working with the client. Most of your NLP education will have centred on what to do here, and still there are a few things to help you in this pack.

Discover the systematic way of keeping client records, and getting client background which allows you to concentrate on the process of working with the client.  The details take care of themselves.

For many NLPers, their business remains a small one, and it is a continual uphill climb; referrals happen, but don't seem to generate enough business.  Phase IV of this system means you can have more choice.  Phase IV is about improving the business.

Use the follow-up and improvement system to maintain relationships, discover what works and what doesn't work in your NLP practice. You can then choose the direction for your practice which satisfies your values and economic needs.

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